Gardens (20′ x 20′) can be rented for $240 per season. If there are extra gardens available, a second or third one can be rented for $150 per additional garden. Garden rentals come complete with free compost in addition to nearby hose bibs for irrigation. There is also access to a full tool shed of garden tools. The gardens receive full sunlight and are protected from deer via a deer fence. Happy Gardening!


All EECO Farm Gardeners must read and understand and accept the EECO Farm rules and regulations (download HERE) and must further agree that their garden lease will be voided if they do not adhere to these rules.

Payment for garden leases is accepted via Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account; you can use your own debit or credit card). If you would like to pay by check, please send payment to EECO Farm, PO Box 2550, EH, NY, 11937. Include your garden renewal information: name, address, phone number, email address, and garden number(s) along with a check for the full amount owed. Thank you!

NOTE: First-time gardeners or those wishing to give a garden as a gift, email us your interest: