Board of Directors

Alex Balsam

Don Cirillo
Don Cirillo has been gardening at EECO Farm for almost 20 years. He and his wife Carole started with one garden (#42) just for growing vegetables and then added another one (#50) for perennials and cutting flowers a few years later. He has been on the EECO Farm Board since 2007 and became the Chair back in 2017.

Trefny Dix

Max Plesset

Palmer Smith  
Palmer has been an EECO Farm Board Member since 2017. He is responsible for Membership of the Community Gardens, as well as the Enterprise Farmer zone. Being a steward of EECO Farms 42 acres of preserved land is of paramount importance to him. A 30 plus year veteran International Equity Trader, Palmer spent the bulk of his career at Morgan Stanley. An avid surfer since his youth, he continues to take advantage of the local breaks regularly. Palmer, and his wife Liadain, have 2 gardens at EECO Farm, and enjoy growing a variety of vegetables, flowers and berries. He is a graduate of East Hampton High School and Syracuse University.

John Whelan